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Trail Ranch Black John Mule    Trail Ranch Black John Mule

Trail/Ranch Black John Mule

Very handsome 15.1 hand mule that is very sure footed. Finished in the bridle, big stop! Great on cattle and outdoors.
Delivery Available.
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AQHA Black Gelding

2012 AQHA Black Gelding

This one of a kind gelding does it all, with ease! Fun to ride, great on cattle, in the arena, flags, trails, you name it! Not a spooky/jumpy type of horse, very sure footed and is confident out alone. Not barn/buddy sour. Exceptionally sweet, easy going disposition. Neck reins, moves off legs, etc. Delivery Available.

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Trail Ranch Mule

SOLD ~ Thank you Scott!

"All Around Trail/Ranch Mule"

Fabulous All Around Mule that is great on trails, packs and easy to work cattle on! Crosses dead fall and water very well. He has been ridden at night coon hunting. Extremely sure footed, neck reins and has exceptional ground manners. Ties, cross ties, clips, bathes, loads, hauls, etc. Delivery Available.

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Klassic Disco Jack

2003 AQHA Red Roan Gelding
Sire: Little Disco Colonel x Little Disco Tucker x Peppy San Badger
Dam: Klassic Tessie

This spectacular gelding is one of a kind! A Must See Video!!!! Fabulous on cattle, wonderful on trails, as quiet and gentle as they come. Very sure footed, extremely stout with heavy bone and big feet. Disposition 10+! Delivery Available.

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AQHA Red Roan GeldingAQHA Red Roan Gelding

2005 AQHA Red Roan Gelding
Sire: Tatons Pappy
Dam: TM Starfires Christy

Here is one fancy, finished bridle horse! If you are looking for a handsome gelding, that is exceptionally well broke, this is the one to look at! He does it all, with ease and finesse. Very sure footed on trails, great on cattle. Very finished in the arena, over obstacles, flags, tarps, you name it. Exceptional ground manners with a 10+ disposition! 15.1 hands. Delivery Available.

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Gorgeous Palomino Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you Dottie!

Gorgeous Chocolate Palomino Family Gelding

This sweet boy has been used at a kids camp the past few years. Big, safe and gentle! He is a very sweet boy, absolutely loves attention! Fantastic trail gelding, works cattle, done drill, great in the arena, does it all! Very sure footed with an honest disposition. 16.3 hands. Delivery Available.

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2011 AQHA Black Gelding

SOLD~ Thank you Rusty, we can't wait to see Max Black in action!

2011 AQHA Black Gelding
Sire: Maximum Zip x Zippo Jack Bar x Zippo Pine Bar
Dam: No Doubt Im Hot x One Hot Krymsun x Invitation Only

This exceptional gelding is a very elegant mover with a 10+ disposition. Exquisite neck, very balanced in every way. Nice slow jog and lope for the pleasure, however can extend with ease for the Hunter Under Saddle. Started in patterns and trail. A true "All Around" for a youth or amateur that is looking for their forever partner to grow with! Delivery Available.

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2005 AQHA Red Dun Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you Eloise! I hope you enjoy this special guy!

2005 AQHA Red Dun Gelding
Sire: Millers San Stetson
Dam: Millers Toplobokota

Meet the new favorite in the barn! "Toby" is one of the best broke geldings we have ever had the pleasure of representing!!! Finished, one hand neck rein on this fancy guy! Fabulous on trails and in the mountains, very sure footed, with heavy bone and big feet. Amazing gelding to work cattle on! Knows his way around being on a working ranch. Flags, tarps, loud noise... Toby does not seem to get worked up about anything! Not only is he very broke, he has the best disposition with incredible ground manners! 15.2 hands. Delivery Available.

Sire: Missin Freckle x Miss N Cash x Dash For Cash  Sire: Missin Freckle x Miss N Cash x Dash For Cash

SOLD ~ Thank you, Galen.  We hope you enjoy him!

2003 APHA Bay Gelding
Sire: Missin Freckle x Miss N Cash x Dash For Cash
Dam: Absolute Sirtainty x Sirtainty x Sir Norfleet

This stout, handsome boy is very broke, with a sweet disposition. "Rocky" is very handy on a ranch, has been used for all phases of ranch work. Great on trails, sure footed with heavy bone. Finished one hand neck rein, has exceptional ground manners and is very kind. 15.1 hands. Delivery Available.

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Sire: Courageous Playboy x Freckles Playboy

SOLD ~ Thank you, Bobbi.  Hope you enjoy him!

2003 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
Sire: Courageous Playboy x Freckles Playboy
Dam: Senorita Gato x Senor Peppy Gato x Peppy San Badger

"Ottis" is a really fun gelding that does just about anything that is asked of him! Fantastic in the arena... can slow it down or speed it up, you choose! Fantastic cow horse... rope either end on him and know he will help you get all the ranch chores done. Very stout, with heavy bone and big feet. Great outdoors on the trails, very confident being out alone. Not barn or buddy sour. Exceptional ground manners, kind in honest! 15.2 hands. Delivery Available.

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Gorgeous Palomino Trail GeldingGorgeous Palomino Trail Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you Nancy!
Gorgeous Palomino Trail Gelding

This handsome gelding has mainly just been used for trail riding and gathering cattle. Not a fancy show type of horse, but is sure footed outdoors. Goes through water, logs, trail obstacles, etc. Been ridden quite a bit in the hills and mountains. Ground covering stride that will last all day. 15.2 hands. Delivery Available.

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AQHA Sorrel Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you, Scott!

2012 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
Sire: Cats Merada x High Brow Cat
Dam: Abilenas Little Pep

This exceptionally well bred gelding is ready to get finished and show! Extremely athletic with lots of work ethic. Big Stopper with a nice soft handle. Finish him as a reiner or take him to the cutting pen! Performance Deluxe!

His sire, Cats Merada has won over $177,000. A 2014 NCHA Top Ten Leading Sire and an NCHA All Time Leading Sire, earners of $4,600,000. His grandsire, High Brow Cat, needs no introduction as the Worlds Leading Performance Stallion.
Price will increase with training. Delivery available.

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2013 AQHA Bay Mare

SOLD ~ Thank you, Scott!

2013 AQHA Bay Mare
Sire: Tomcat Chex x High Brow Cat
Dam: Keyholes Heart

Very talented young mare showing so much promise! Going very nicely under saddle, soft, supple, really wants to turn around. Exceptional disposition with a pedigree in the purple! Nominated to NRHA.

Sired by Tomcat Chex with lifetime earnings in excess of $130,000 and he is still showing! By High Brow Cat who speaks for himself, as the Worlds Leading Performance Stallion.

Price will increase with training. Delivery available.
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2016 APHA Sorrel Tobiano Colt


2016 APHA Sorrel Tobiano Colt
Sire: Skips Classic Gold
Dam: Mr Sent A Valentine x RH Mr Imprint

This extremely fun colt is a gorgeous mover, just like his mother! Minimal tobiano with two beautiful blue eyes! Nominated to APHA Breeders Trust and Oregon Triple Crown.
AQHA Grey Gelding     AQHA Grey Gelding

Dik Doc Dusty Trey

2005 AQHA Grey Gelding
Sire: Dik Doc Nasmur Fleet Dam: Blackies Bess

Finished bridle horse that is all business! Solid in the arena and on trails. Been used as a turnback horse and has roped and doctored many cattle over the years. Done everything one can do on a ranch, will work all day... Lots of body and size, with a great handle. Heavy bone, big feet with lots of substance and pretty. Delivery Available.

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Grey & White Paint Trail/Ranch Gelding

This stout gelding has been ridden outside in all types of terrain. Very sure footed, goes through it all. Heavy bone, big feet, with lots of substance. Used to gather and sort cattle, knows how to get the job done. Delivery Always Available.

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Finely a Star
2000 APHA/AQHA Sorrel Overo Stallion

Nominated to APHA Breeders Trust, AQHA Incentive Fund, Oregon Triple Crown,
Sierra Breeders Classic, Bakersfield Breeders Challange

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