Precision Fees

*Prices subject to change without online notice


v    Indoor Stall Board                                                                 $450/Month

v    Standing A Stallion                                                               $600/Month

  (Includes Longing, Turn Out, Clipping, Blanketing)

v    Foaling Stall                                                                          $500/Month

v    Pasture Board                                                                         $275/Month



v    Halter Fitting                                                                                    $400/Month

v    Performance Training                                                           $400/Month

v    Starting Colts                                                                         $400/Month

v    Problem Solving (Includes Board)                                        $1200/Month

v    Halter Breaking                                                                     $200/Month


  Phantom Training

  v  Train Stallion to Phantom                                                    $250/Hour


 Collecting Stallion/Shipping Semen                                           $225/Collection

  v  Collecting Stallion, Complete Semen Analysis, Extending Semen, Preparing Shipment

v    Semen Collection/Evaluation                                               $150/Collection


 Mare Care/Breeding


v       Daily Mare Care (Dry)                                                           $15/Day

v       Daily Mare Care (Wet)                                                          $16/Day

v     Handling Fee                                                                         $175/Mare

v       Regumate                                                                               $10/Day

v     Foaling Services                                                                     $450/Mare


 Additional Services Available

v     Longing                                                                                  $10/Day

v       Daily Turn Out                                                                      $2/Day

v     Daily Blanketing                                                                    $2/Day

v     Administering Medication (owner provides)                                    $2/Treatment

v       Assist Veterinarian                                                                 $10/Hour

v       Assist Farrier                                                                          $10/Hour



v     Private Lesson                                                                        $75/Hour

v     Group Lesson                                                                         Quoted Individually

v     Seminars                                                                                 Quoted Individually

v     Clinics                                                                                     Quoted Individually


  Show Fees

v     Complete Body Clip                                                               $200/Horse

v     Show Prep Fee                                                                       $125/Horse

 (Includes all clipping, bathing, banding & Show Grooming)

v      Banding                                                                                  $30/Horse/Show

v        Face Clipping                                                                         $30/Horse/Show

v      Day Fee                                                                                  $50/Day


 Trainers Accommodations

v     Applicable RV Space for Living Quarters Trailer, or hotel, split by all participating clients, divided equally.


  Stalls/Tack Room/Bedding

v     Must be prepaid, will be sent in as a group by deadline.  Tack Room will be divided by all participating clients.



 Show Entry Fees

v     Blank check (made out to applicable club) must be received prior to departure for show, unless owner will be present.